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Authorization to perform e-procedures for foreign users

Information about authorization in English language

The right to proceed with certain e-procedures on the SPOT web portal or through interfaces can be granted by the legal representative of the business entity with the authorization to the selected person/company.

Before you begin to proceed with  the appropriate application for granting or revoking an authorization, check to see if you want to proceed with an:

  • authorization to work via the SPOT portal
  • authorization to work via the interface.

SPOT portal

To authorize a person to work directly through the SPOT portal (or revoke the authorization), use the forms below.

Authorization to work through the web portal SPOT:


Authorization to work via the Human Resources Interface (eHRS) or via the eBOL and eNDM interface to authorize a company when:

  • you want to edit M forms (applications, changes to compulsory social insurance) in your software solution for  human resources  (if it meets the conditions – it has to be certified by ZZZS)
  • you want to enable an authorized company to access e-sick leaves and / or submit claims for reimbursement of salary compensation through the software for salary administration, for managing absences or other  (if it meets the conditions – it has to be certified by ZZZS)

Authorization to work through the human resources interface (eHRS)

Authorization to work through eBOL & eNDM interface

How do I complete the application and where do I send the authorization form?

  1. Fill in the relevant authorization application form, 
  2. The legal representative must sign the application (by own hand or electronically), 
  3. Scan the application and send it to the e-mail address of the SPOT point or send the completed form by regular mail to the address of the SPOT point.
    If you can't scan the application, you can also send a photo of the application. The photo should be taken in a readable and useful form. If there are several photos (because the application is on two pages), applicants are asked to combine the photos into one document (eg word / pdf), which the clerk at the SPOT point will be able to enter in the SPOT portal (unreadable and non complete applications will be rejected by the clerks).
  4. You will receive a notification of the authorization arrangement by email. The SPOT point shall enter the authorization on the SPOT portal on the basis of the application. After arranging the authorization, the authorized person can start with applications and procedures on the SPOT portal for your company/business entity.

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