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Entry in the register of real estate agents

The register of real estate agents managed by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning includes natural persons with a national vocational qualification of real estate agent.

The application is lodged at the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning on a prescribed form.

On the basis of the lodged prescribed form, the Ministry acknowledges the status of a real estate agent, issues a card and real estate agent’s licence.


These terms apply to the profession Real estate agent

  • Certificate from the Criminal records that the applicant has not been unconditionally convicted by a final judgement for a crime against property or criminal offence against the economy to a prison sentence of more than three months.

    Competent Authority

    Ministry of Justice

    Župančičeva 3
    1000 Ljubljana

  • A certificate of national vocational qualification is acquired in the process of verifying and confirming national vocational qualifications performed by individuals who are registered in the National Examination Centre's register, namely:

    • by direct verification of professional knowledge, skills and qualifications specified in the catalogue of professional knowledge and skills standards, or
    • by confirming professional knowledge and skills:
      • a candidate prepares a personal portfolio which is assessed by the commission, and the contents of the catalogue are partially or entirely recognised;
      • if the commission is not able to recognise all contents of the catalogue, further tasks for verification are determined.

    By lodging the application for the acquisition of a certificate, an individual applies for the verification procedure and for the procedure for verifying national vocational qualifications.

    The application must also contain the personal portfolio, which includes:

    • documents on education;
    • CV;
    • document on the payment of verification and confirmation costs;
    • documents on preliminary work experience in the field of real estate;
    • possible confirmations on participation in training, confirmations on qualifications and documents that are acquired by the candidate;
    • documents proving the standard of knowledge and qualifications as specified in the catalogue of professional knowledge and skills standards – real estate agent.

    The president of the commission must establish prior to the verification the authenticity of the candidate and inform him/her on the process and criteria of verifications, which should not last longer than 180 minutes.

    Assessment criteria:

    • written assessment – 50%,
    • oral assessment – 50%.

    Verification is implemented for three areas.

    The candidate must achieve at least 60% of the points for each set in order to take the oral examination.

    If the candidate achieves less than 60% of points for one of the sets, the oral examination can be passed for the other two sets, and the candidate them repeats only the verification of knowledge for the set which was not successful earlier.

    The examination organiser within eight days at the latest issues the certificate on national professional qualification. If the candidate does not attend such verification examination or fails it, the commission issues a decision within eight days rejecting the issue of a certificate.

    The dates of examinations and deadlines for applications are published by the examination organisers on their websites.

    Examintion costs: EUR 150


    Certificate of performed national professional qualification – real estate agent – competent authority acquires this document in the course of its official duties

    Legal basis

Renewal term

Compulsory supplementary training is required every five years, or in the case of amended regulations which have to be learned within the scope of the professional examination of a real estate agent.

The confirmation on supplementary training is acquired by attending a seminar performed by authorised persons of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning.

Renewal term: at least 5 years

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